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Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution software (also known as Electronic Voucher Distribution System, EVD, E-Voucher Distribution system
electronic voucher distribution system with online recharge and airtime distribution

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Choose The Best Electronic Voucher Distribution Software Airtime Distribution Software Mobile Topup Software Multi Recharge Software Electronic Voucher Distribution System Mobile Wallet Software Mobile Money System Voucher distribution System EVD System

Since 2007 IWT leading electornic voucher distribution softare provider with Omni-channel merchant digital payment solutions and cloud-based SAAS platform development company that aims to consistently simplify the process of Payments, Transaction, Merchant Acquisition and making business simple. We are delivering Electronic Voucher Distribution System since 2007 and that application is compatible enough to handle airtime distribution, Voucher printing and utility bill payment services. A secured electronic wallet handle all user-related transactions which makes the system user friendly and secure.

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Mobile, DTH, Data Card & Bills

All Operators & Circle Recharge Plans & Offers Integrated

High Commission Structure

Industry best available commission structure with 100% white labelled and hosted solution.

Robust Recharge API's

Start your own Recharge Website/Application/Software with our Robust Recharge API's

Offline SMS Based Recharge Mode

Set Maximum allowed Balance Enquiry per day through SMS

Recharge Desktop Software

Industry first Multi Version One Stop Recharge Software


100% Transparent Reports with 360 Degree Operator & Circle Wise Reports

Customer Management

Option to Define Your Own Surcharges

Wide Range of Recharging Options

We are proud that "IWT" is the Only Company in India having Wide Range of Recharging Options on a White Labelled Platform

Intelligent Features

A handy tool for end retailers who are giving credit facility to their recharge customers like recharge requests received through telephone, email,oral, sms or any other methods. Retailer can track the complete details from the new menu called "Credit Sheet", retailer can also update the "Credit Sheet" status when customer cleared the dues.
When you are adding Credit to your Customers you will have an option for mark a particular transaction into Credit Sheet. You will also have the option to delete the transaction from credit sheet when your customer cldue amount.ears the
"PENDING" status are common in the recharge industry from all operator side and customers hate this status but here If you are getting "PENDING" status for a transaction then you will get an option to choose Auto Recharge - ON/OFF if selected ON then the transaction will retry when the status changed to "REVERSED" in the same day for prepaid mobile and 2 days for DTH Recharges.
It is very useful feature for those who are always not available to add credits into their customer's wallet. If Auto Credit is enabled in a customer account then their "Wallet" will get auto updated with an amount specified by you when their balance goes below than a specified amount set by you.

Electronic Voucher Distribution System

Electronic Voucher distribution stands for pin less voucher distribution. We are known for most stable and scalable electronic voucher distribution system with mobile topup, airtime distribution over POS machines. We have our satsfied voucher distribution softwares in Ethiopia, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Nigeria, Tanzania, India and other more than 37 countries.

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1400+ customers in 37 countries using our mobile payment platforms.